One SublimeText, all your devices

Sublimall is the way to sync and save your SublimeText configuration everywhere. Just create an account, install the plugin and that's all. No personal informations, no credit card required.
Sublimall is an opensource, server and plugin. It allows you to encrypt your package in order to increase your privacy. Let's start today!

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Install Sublimall plugin


Install Sublimall plugin in two seconds with Package Control. Ctrl-Shift-P Install Package and type Sublimall to install it.

Sync your SublimeText


Syncing your SublimeText configuration is too easy. Just hit Ctrl-Shift-P Sublimall Upload and your SublimeText configuration is sent to Sublimall.

Stay sync forever


Never lose your SublimeText configuration. Just press Ctrl-Shift-P Sublimall Retrieve and Sublimall will retrieve your synced configuration.